GAIA Endowment Grants are intended to explore societal challenges in developed economies in the 21st century, with specific emphasis on potential interventions to respond to a broad range of societal dislocations associated with one of our grant cycle themes:

  • Generational Cohort Realignments: Adaptations to accommodate the varied economic/social impacts – especially of the expanded seniors cohort.
  • Extreme Consumerism: Incentives which serve to moderate patterns of consumption at the individual, corporate, and governance level.

Important dimensions for each grant will be (1) the range of change-incentives which the project intends to explore, (2) the project’s methodology to assess the social acceptance of its policy-findings, and (3) the project’s proposed strategy-for-adoptability of policy-findings in real life – private, corporate, or public leadership.

The following is a brief explanation of “How to Get Started” to begin the two-step application for a GAIA Endowment Grant. The complete description of all elements of the application process, the proposal deliberations, grant award and management can be found at the webpage: Grant Life Cycle.

The Foundation Grant Application procedure consists of these two steps: 

STEP ONEthe Expression-of-Interest (EOI). The downloadable EOI form allows the applicant to summarize the proposed project and to address critical elements to be considered by the Foundation Review Committee.

  • Project Topic and Summary Description: The proposed topic should reflect the societal institutional landscape related to the GAIA Foundation’s purpose and priorities. A concise project description should suggest how the topic may achieve these priorities. (for further detail, see Grant Life Cycle.)
  • Abstract of Thesis and Research Plan: The proposal should set forth a thesis which identifies the elements and issues to be explored and a plan for the proposed research – including the impact of the project as proposed, the research methodology, and the project’s relationship to the policy goals of the GAIA Foundation.
  • Qualifications/Background: The Applicant Organization should have background regarding public policy, demography, macroeconomics, or sustainability research. The expertise and experience related to the proposed topic should be described for the Project Director and other individuals involved with the project. Attachments or links should provide reference to the organization and individual curriculum vitae citing education and experience.

The Foundation Review Committee conducts a first review of the EOI form and may contact the Project Director for clarification by email or zoom. The result of the EOI review will be communicated to the Project Director. 

Timeline for Submission of Expression-of-Interest form: The 2023 Request for Proposal Funding Cycle begins April 10, 2023. Organizations may complete the first step – Expression-of-Interest (EOI) form and email as an attachment to: GAIA-earth-balance@gmail.com.

Early submission – April 10, 2023 – the first date when completed EOI forms will be received.

Deadline for submission – June 1, 2023 – the last date when completed EOI can be submitted.

EOI submissions will be considered by the Foundation Review Committee in order of receipt. Announcements of final decisions on early submissions may begin as early as June 10th.

Application Invitation. After the Foundation Review Committee considers the Expression-of-Interest submission and any interaction to clarify issues – if the description and other information is in the range of projects that may be supported by the Foundation, then an invitation to make formal application will be sent to the Project Director.

STEP TWO – the Application Kit. An invitation notice to move forward will include an Application Kit – built upon summary information in the EOI form – which provides for complete detailed description: project design, planning and implementation, personnel and time projections, reporting and assessing project progress, resource and budget. The complete description of elements of the Application Kit and other elements of grants administration can be found at the webpage: Grant Life Cycle.



2023 Endowment GrantsPriority, Duration, Number, Scale, Application Timeline

  • Project grants will involve in-depth policy exploration as set forth in our Funding Priorities.
  • Duration. Major project grants may extend 2 to 4 years.
  • Number. There will be at least five grant awards – but not more than eight.
  • Scale. The funding level of major grants will be from $200 thousand to $1 million. At least 3 grants will be awarded in the upper level of the funding range. Smaller grants will range from $50 thousand.
  • Application Timeline. Submit the first step Expression-of-Interest (EOI) by June 1, 2023.



For more Information on the GAIA Foundation Endowment Grants:

Grant Funding Priorities – discusses three essential priority components – the problem-set, change-incentives, strategy-for-adoptability – for a project proposal.

Grant Life Cycle – summarizes: the Timelines and Due Dates; the Project Deliverables; and the Steps in the Application.



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