The Grant Life Cycle lists the complete process steps for a GAIA Foundation Grant – from the first expression-of-interest to the end-of-grant final report. Each invitation to complete the full Application Kit will include additional narrative description of these steps. This Grant Life Cycle is our guide to the entire grant process: how to apply and what to do to make a best case for grant approval of a proposed project.

This following summary outlines the process steps. Major grants will be expected to provide a greater detail of the elements in the application. Smaller projects that are clearly-described and well-designed will require less detail though the elements will remain the same.


2023 Endowment GrantsPriority, Duration, Number, Scale, Application Timeline

  • Project grants will involve in-depth policy exploration as set forth in our Funding Priorities.
  • Duration. Major project grants may extend 2 to 4 years.
  • Number. There will be at least five grant awards – but not more than eight.
  • Scale. The funding level of major grants will be from $200 thousand to $1 million. At least 3 grants will be awarded in the upper level of the funding range. Smaller grants will range from $50 thousand.
  • Application Timeline. April 10, 2023 earliest date to submit first step Expression-of-Interest (EOI). The last submission date for completed EOI is June 1, 2023.


Information on the GAIA Grant Application Process can be found in the following webpages: .

. . Grant Funding Priorities – discusses three essential priority components – the problem-set, change-incentives, strategy-for-adoptability – for a project proposal.

. . Application Instructions – describes the Project Review sequence, the Steps in the Application and How to Apply for a Grant.



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